Fox and Hounds, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire   1 comment


I found the Fox and Hounds a solidly middle-class gaff but one that takes good care of its beer and, if the gatekeeper (possibly the manager) I spoke with for the last half of my pint is any indication, its customers.  An incredibly friendly local fellow who used to manage the Druids pub (which he stopped short of disparaging but when pressed gave me details about it that make it sound a better fit for me), he was a champion for this house as well as the Coach and Horses that I had just stumbled away from.





Unable to explore inside because of the pilchard pack of office workers, I am led to believe that this is the oldest pub in town which is impressive after the low beamed and ancient looking Coach and Horses.  And, it is a wet pub (no aspirations to be a gastro) so that’s good.





Posted November 20, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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