Fuller’s Black Cab Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 1   1 comment


Name: Black Cab Stout
Brewery: Fuller’s
Rating (1-5):  4.5 Drunken Elves


Notes:  Compared to a previous effort, the notes in this Advent Calendar will have less to do with tasting as they will with thoughts on the day.  For instance, Tuesday I had my first run in the two weeks since I tore a calf muscle in my sleep; today was run #3 as I ramp up, from zero, to a long race in April.  We had a little cold snap (-7°C yesterday) which put a wee edge on the 4.5 miles but I also purchased 5 stouts and porters to start the Advent Calendar with.

So, this is the first day of Advent and the plan is to make this one entirely celebrated with black beers — stouts and porters.  Of course, there will be other beers, wine, liqueurs, and booze but once a day I will settle in to meditate on the meaning of the day and the season with one of the Calendar picks.  After 3.2 easy miles on black ice in the dark, the stout this evening was well-earned.

This one was yummy.  25 to go (Boxing Day included).  Suggestions for the Christmas Day selection are warmly welcomed.


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