M&S London Porter: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 6   2 comments


Name: London Porter
Brewery: Meantime (made for Marks & Spencer, but Meantime has a highly respected version of their own)
Rating (1-5): 5 of 5 James Brown Funky Christmases (because this is the closest I could get to “Night Train” in honour of the evening’s entertainment):


Notes:  A few days after the US election, Wyatt Cenac cut an outraged and outrageous EP on the topic.  You can get it for free by signing up to his newsletter at his website.  So, his comedy stylings were the accompaniment to tonight’s Advent beverage.  Smooth, darkest brown, smelling a bit like a furniture shop, and probably a bit colder than necessary the beer is a pleasant distraction.  The stand-up is pretty much on target, too.




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