Sambrooks Four Chimneys Chocolate Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 9 and Joe Strummer’s Blue Plaque   9 comments



Name: Four Chimneys Chocolate Stout
Brewery: Sambrooks
Rating (1-5): 5 out of 5 Christmassy Steve Buscemis (co-starred with Joe Strummer in Mystery Train)


Notes: I planned, this morning, to make this a “RIP John Glenn” post (he was definitely one of the good ones) but then I read, on the bus to work, that the Joe Strummer Blue Plaque had gone up on Wednesday and Badass Senator Glenn was going to have to wait.

strummer-lived-here 33-daventry

He lived at 33 Daventry in the late 70’s, a few doors down from some of my other heroes of the time, the Slits (Ari inspired a Drunken Bunny infusion and Viv is just…oooohhh…Viv).  On my way over, I got a better shot of the underpass that my head blocked in the photo from another post:


It was already dark by the time I got over there so I turned the evening into a pub crawl starting around the corner at the Perseverance where the bartender turned out to be resident in Joe’s old squat (her daughter’s bedroom was his practice space).  The ceremony, Wednesday, started at the pub with the plaque available for people to pose with.  At 1:01 (appropriately enough), it was in place and christened.  Grand.


It was all synchronicity.  Earlier today, a guy commented on a post from a few weeks ago; said guy was an old {erm} herbalist I knew in the early 80’s who, whilst ferrying me and countless other like minded souls around middle Georgia, had this tape of Sandinista that played continuously and that I really got hooked on (although for weeks every time it was on I would ask, “who is this?” or “who is this?” or “who is this?” to which he — and eventually everyone else — would reply, “it’s the Clash, man…it’s always the Clash.”)

I didn’t have the stout at the Perseverance because I reckoned the bar was better than the Guinness they had on tap.  The second bar was the Trader’s Inn, which was somewhat Irish so I gave them a go with the Guinness, which was perfect so I didn’t think I needed to get another at the Lord High Admiral (I can think of no better title to bestow on my old driver than the Lord HIGH Admiral seeing as we referred to his oversized vehicle as “the Land Yacht”).  I eventually found myself at the Green Man (write-up to follow) where I was beguiled by the Sambrooks (I can get a Guinness ANYWHERE and probably will do before this Advent Calendar is done).





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