Wychwood Black Wych Porter: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 10   1 comment



Name: Black Wych Porter
Brewery: Wychwood
Rating (1-5): 5 out of 5 debauched elves


Notes:  A lot of conflicting details to work through on this post but first let me just state that Naomi Klein is wonderful and probably not a witch, this beer is wonderful and probably will be invited back to the house in the new year, and that John Glenn was always my second favourite astronaut (no small feat for a kid in the 60’s) behind Buzz Aldrin (no small feat for a kid that appreciated the trippier things in life).

But, capricious — if not entirely cruel — witch that 2016 has been hits us with another death, stealing Senator Glenn from us at the tender age of just 95.  A lot of quotes attributed to him turn out to be absolutely true and I read one interview with a former Senate colleague of his who responded (when asked if going to space made Glenn a little bonkers) that, no, not at all, he was always a little bonkers.  He was also humble, loyal, and moral in all the ways that most of us wish we could be.  And, a funny, funny fucker.

The Advent Calendar continues tomorrow (and maybe I’ll catch up on the pub crawl write-ups from yesterday, then, too).




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