Lord High Admiral, St John’s Wood, London   1 comment


So there I was, no shit, in a decidedly rough part of town (if reputation and appearance were any indication); so, before snapping a photo of the Lord High Admiral I asked the couple chatting if they minded.  “Oh, no, I can’t be in this,” said the freaked out black woman as she scurried off.  “I couldn’t give a fuck,” slurred the old guy [I think that’s what he grumbled, anyway].

I entered the pub behind him and he stopped at every punter along the way pointing at me and saying variations on the theme, “this one here asks if he can take my photo, then..HE DOES!  God help us.”  Stuck behind him, I pointed out that it was just a courtesy as I had no idea if he was or wasn’t some sort of fugitive or what.  One fellow grinned, nodded and raised his glass toward me but I don’t know if he actually caught even a word of it through my accent.  Eventually, my model flopped on a couch thus clearing a path for me to get to the bar.

I got a Fosters and watched an Indian woman and a tall, skinny old white dude (seriously white, like on some sort of cancer drug translucent white) shoot billiards just bad enough to tell me they were much better than that.  When, halfway through the rack, I ceased to show interest, she ran her last 6 balls and pocketed the black one in a little less than 30 seconds.  Too good for me (especially in a place like this).

Friendly house, though.  I’ll probably drop in again during a stop at the market out front.





Posted December 11, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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