Perseverance, Lisson Grove, London   1 comment



“Hurrah! A customer!” Shouted one of the middle-aged suits in the Perseverance. One stepped toward me and shook my hand.
“You made it!” he declared.
“Did you reserve a place?” asked another. I think they had been in here drinking a while.

I scanned the bar and found an ale pump and asked for one of those and the gentlemen cheered then left me to my drink until I left. The barmaid (perhaps the landlady?) was friendly enough, though, and we chatted about the Blue Plaque that had been put on her house in honour of Joe Strummer. Actually, we spoke more about the pub but when I brought it up she was fairly effusive about the ceremony Wednesday.




“Heading home?” she asked as I rose to leave.
“No, heading to the Trader’s…something of a pre-dinner pub crawl tonight.” The boys seemed impressed or, at least, they ceased their conversation for a moment and wished me well on my evening.







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