Guinness Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 13   1 comment



Name: Stout
Brewery: Guinness
Rating (1-5): 2 out of 5 Billy Bobs (turns out it was Steve Buscemi’s birthday today but I already used him for the Joe Strummer stout last Friday)

Notes:  I had to go to Staples to pick up a floor protector to go under our office chair since the one we bought on arrival in 2009 cracks a little more each time we sit down.  The product is unwieldy and I couldn’t use the nearest tube station because of emergency maintenance to the rolling stock.  Thus, I had to trudge alongside a busy thoroughfare from and back to Hanger Lane Station with an outwardly bound stop at the fairly nice Ashbourne Lounge (or at least to my taste, write-up following soon).  I decided to get the Guinness out of the way but after all the good stout and porter I’ve had during the Advent Calendar (and the horror of the click-and-collect-and-tote ordeal) I will give this pedestrian — in every sense — experience only 2 out of 5.  [If I had included ferrying this 1.2 m X 1 m flimsy sheet of polycarbonate on a packet rush hour train, it would have been 1 or 0.5.]




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