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I didn’t expect the Ashbourne to be so large, clean, welcoming, cheap … or anything else it turned out to be.  Granted, three of the four rooms were abandoned with about a dozen drinkers squished in by the smallest one which houses the bar but that’s the social aspect.  The menu board looked simple but cheap and tantalising, the music hard/classic rock turned up enough but not so you couldn’t hear your conversation, and the telly was muted but on the news.




I stopped in today only because I was running an errand (the Guinness shot copied from the Stout/Porter Advent Calendar post which has details about the errand) and was impressed with this oasis on the A40.  A better pub than the nearby (and much more traditional) Fox and Goose, it is perplexing that the area doesn’t have a few other decent pubs with the park land and fairly civilised neighbourhoods bordering the thoroughfare.  But, at least they have this one.




Yep…totally unexpected.  Well, okay, I did expect this:







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  1. Screen shot of The Padre's comment (due to misspelled credentials -- fixed the web link for him)


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