Box Steam Funnel Blower: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 14   1 comment



Name: Funnel Blower
Brewery: Box Steam
Rating (1-5):  5 out of 5 Office Party Jackasses


Notes: I skipped the lab Christmas party this year.  It is tonight at the Anchor in Oxford, which is supposed to be nice and probably is.  But, on my visit it hit me wrong and I vowed never to return.

When I got home, I found a florist’s package addressed to the two of us.  What the hell?  Oh, it is from the couple we rent the flat from.  How nice!  A bottle of mulled wine to warm up, a box of Belgian chocolate, and a poinsettia.  They are really nice (but, then again, we’re paying them a fortune for this little place).

All we ever got from our last Swindon landlord was our rental deposit but only AFTER we proved to the Housing Ombudsman that the place was actually in BETTER condition than when we moved in (not due to any effort or expense on his part.  He also fucked us out of the £50 he said he would pay for the tumble dryer we left behind but we have since found out it has a fault that causes it to burst into flames.  The Box Steam Brewery, which produced tonight’s Advent Calendar selection (a rich porter which tastes a bit like a Belgian chocolate), also hails from Swindon (so it isn’t ALL bad).




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