Star of Kings, Pentonville, London   3 comments


This line isn’t my review but it made me laugh and seems to fit the Star of Kings.  I wish I could remember who to give the credit to, but it ain’t me, babe:

“It’s a theme bar: shitty service, shitty drinks, shitty music, shitty customers.”

You’re really not welcome here if you’re old enough not to carry proof of age.  Here’s my conversation at the bar (where they took my money then, thereafter, refused to acknowledge my requests for information):

“Do you have any porters or stouts on?”
“We have N1. Would you like that?”
“If it is a porter or stout, sure. Pint of, please.” She proceeded to draw the glass when I noticed the pump clip.

“Hey, stop! That’s a pale ale.”
She shoved the froth toward me. “Just try it,” she said, obviously annoyed.
“Is there a problem?” a little fellow with a beard — of course — inquired.
“That’s a pale ale.”
“Yes it is.”
“It’s neither a porter nor a stout,” I finished.
“Do you want a porter or a stout?” he asked as if somehow I was the fuck up, here.
“I think so. It’s what I asked for.”

“But, we don’t have one,” she complained as if that made it alright; Shorty McBeardy steered her to the back bar and eventually, she returned with a dark pint that needed topping up but, then again, it wasn’t that good.






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