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A hundred meters and a couple of crafty turns from the Central Station, you’ll find the King Charles I.  CAMRA lists the interior as historically significant and the WhatPub web site tells a tale of it being rescued from closure by the community taking on the lease and running it as a cooperative.





I knew none of this when I entered, so found the reasonable prices, the friendly atmosphere, and the gorgeously anarchic interior a pleasant surprise.  This is what soulless jackasses like the crew at the Star of Kings (visited earlier this evening) try to appropriate but can only manage to copy superficially.  And, yeah, that’s the cover of the Lemmy edition of the Stool Pigeon news magazine above the antelope head:



Click this magazine for the original or we’ll kill this dog


I had a Life On Mars ale which was perfect and only a small coin or two over three quid.  Then I turned a bit too quickly and spilled some on the floor; I asked for a beer towel and the bartender cheerily (which, yes, rhymes with eerily) popped around and mopped up himself.  Weird.




I had a look around, creepily (I’m sure) pacing the room.  “Is there more to it…another room, perhaps?”  The bartender laughed, “no, this is it.”  I took a seat at the piano, the only unoccupied spot, and the couple at the adjacent table cleared some room for me…this was like some really benevolent episode of the Twilight Zone.  “Do you play?” one of them asked me and several nearby punters looked my way; I begged off with, “not really,” not wanting to break the spell with my tuneless hammering.  I must go back, soon.







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