Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 19   2 comments



Name: Oatmeal Stout
Brewery: Samuel Smith
Rating (1-5): 4 out of 5 feasting Santa’s

Notes: Bugger!  I think there was some olive oil on the lens resulting in the shitty stout picture.  Sorry about that, kids; hopefully that’s as bad as it gets in the remaining week (but I’m on an off-work drinking-and-running schedule from mid-afternoon this Wednesday so don’t place any bets).

I just finished making my traditional Christmas Pesto.  I tend to just eyeball the ingredients, but to share a recipe (there is no ‘the recipe’), I weighed the stuff this time:

In an iron skillet on medium-low fire, toast 50-60 grams of pine nuts and three large or six small garlic cloves in their skins.  Stir a lot or the nuts will scorch.

Peel and crush the garlic and drop these and the nuts into 150 mL of extra virgin olive oil that you’ve chilled in the fridge for about an hour (cools the roasted bits and keeps the pesto green).

Grate 50-80 grams of parmesan cheese into this and whiz with a hand blender (or in a food processor or — if you are purists and have the room to store one, which we no longer do — pestle it to a pulp in an enormous mortar).

Add a scant teaspoon of black pepper and about 80-100 grams of basil leaves in three or four batches and whiz these to a not-quite-smooth paste.  Salt to taste, but stop earlier than when you think it’s right.

Wipe up the mess with some freshly baked bread and dispose by ingestion.

Store in sealed jars in the fridge under the thinnest layer of olive oil you can manage (about like the amount on my camera lens).  Makes about 500 mL or a non-Imperial pint.

I find pesto the most perfect simple food on earth and will eat almost anything with it (the most sublime of ALL being, of course, cassoullet).

I don’t know what THESE people were having for dinner but this puke at my bus stop from Hillingdon to Oxford has lasted since Friday morning and has earned a spot on the Spectacular London Pukes roll call (number 3 in the series):


I think they were eating cigarette butts...did they think they were pigeons?

I think they were eating cigarette butts…did they think they were pigeons?



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