Red Squirrel London Porter: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 21   3 comments



Name: London Porter
Brewery: Red Squirrel
Rating (1-5): 5 out of 5 of too much of the wrong beer (but I found the right one, eventually)

Notes: Three pubs into the run between and around Amersham and Chesham and there was not a single one with an interesting porter or stout.  I knew I had a couple in the fridge, but this was disappointing.  As I left the Red Lion to find the Chesham Station, though, the Red Squirrel caught my eye.  Gadzooks! Another micro, the fourth this week!  I went in and the place was a treat (write-up soon to follow).

At one point one of the barflies remarked that ‘alcohol is the solution.’  I reached into my backpack and handed him the Christmas greeting that arrived that afternoon from an American friend I’ve known for donkey’s years:


and, on the inside:


She’s been down a bit, as have we all, since the US Presidential Debacle (2016 version).  Write her a note if you want to do a good deed before Santa makes his final decisions (there’s a link on her currently underused blog).




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