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I emerged from the home brewing shop laden with nutrients, Campden tablets, fining agents, a gallon glass jug, and an air lock for a Drunken Bunny Liqueurs project.  On my way to Ealing Broadway station, I scanned the Uxbridge Road storefronts looking for a butcher shop or supermarket to get some chicken breasts to smother with some of the Christmas pesto; off to my left there were several pubs, one of which sounded familiar.

As I reached for the wrong door then pulled the correct one (which turned out to be a “push”) I remembered that I had just read this article on the tube ride over here about the Star and Anchor.  It sounded raucous and rowdy and worthy of a visit.


Instead, I found a quiet, suburban restaurant with a bar.  Clean, modern, and fairly upscale.  Shit.

However, they had a bunch of ales on as well as a good selection of craft and Belgian beers on tap and in the bottle.  Caledonian is always a bit challenging and worthy of a taste so I got a pint of the Three Hop lager which started off soapy and citrus then became fruity and leathery as the beer warmed a bit.  A pretty good experience.

Overall, the pub was a better experience than I expected on entering, too.  The music probably becomes more Radio 1 as the crowd becomes younger but it was inoffensive pop jazz (usually an oxymoron, but in these digs it fits), the house is spacious and comfortable and suited to conversation, and my only complaint is £4.90 for a pint of lager (albeit a revelation of a lager, to be fair).  If roving bands of Polish hooligans are willing to pay these prices, I say let them; and, if they want to be a bit loud then it seems they are paying the license fee and, by the way, fuck TripAdvisor…you should get all your pub advice from me, here, on this blog.







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