Wimbledon Phoenix Smoked Porter: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 22   5 comments


Name: Phoenix Smoked Porter
Brewery: Wimbledon
Rating (1-5): 3 out of 5 “Santa’s Laps”
Notes:  The beer was nothing special and the Lass o’ Richmond where I purchased the brew tried to shortchange me then did a bunch of doublespeak to make it sound like I was the one with the mathematics wrong.

On a similar note, Ian Dury had many reasons to be cheerful:



none of which included running 8 miles across London on a cold, winter day to get to his memorial bench only to find that the sound feature has been removed:


The bench is in Richmond Park, where the wild deer are docile:


So docile, in fact, that as well armed as they are they barely take note while something as recklessly dangerous as drunken Brits on holiday approach close enough to touch them.  Like Americans at an all-you-can-eat buffet, they just keep on eating despite the likelihood of imminent doom.  This is as fitting a metaphor for this fucked up year as I have seen.


But, the sunset was beautiful this evening.  1, 2, 3….


All of the Porter/Stout Advent Calendar entries can be found at this link.



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