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The climb back from the Saracen’s Head involved a muddy trail through a wood followed by a bit of Amersham tourism at the top of the hill…the upper town has as much going on, it seems, as the bit at the bottom of the hill.  But, I couldn’t linger as my return train was miles away at Chesham and the sun was already dipping well below the tree tops and diving for the horizon.

On the way out of town I spotted the Boot & Slipper, a Chef & Brewer pub/restaurant, and stopped for a cider.


My experience with Chef and Brewer pubs (dating back to my first couple of weeks in England) is that they are filled with heavy furniture and stone flooring and every one of them is lovely to look at but there is something soulless about them.

Maybe it’s the customers.  I eavesdropped on a couple of guys reduced to talking about their kids.  Nothing wrong with that except the abstract way they spoke about them as if, I suspect, they really don’t know or even really want to know anything about their children except that they can use this as a suburban shield from any sort of deep conversation.  One of them, though, has a daughter who is a keen and, if you believe him, apt runner.  Instead of interrupting, I wrote a friend an email apologising for my lack of holiday spirit and thanking her for the lovely card she and hubby deigned to send me.  I knew I was off to a long, wooded segment of the course and half-assedly paraphrased Robert Frost’s allusional reference to a forest journey.

On my exit, I peered at them through the window.  One looked up and smiled slightly then, on making eye contact with me, recoiled and quickly stared through his drink to the bottom of the glass.  I waved at the other one, the father of the budding track star, and ran off toward the long descent to Chesham.







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