Lass o’ Richmond Hill, Richmond, London   3 comments




I think Richmond is pretty posh as do the customers inside the Lass of Richmond hill.  I entered steaming and muddy from my run across Richmond Park which might have been acceptable if I had been wearing burgundy corduroy trousers and a pair of £250 wellies but dressed for exercise…tut.  All that didn’t stop the barmaid from trying to shortchange me, though, then giving me a bunch of double speak and spouting a litany of numbers unrelated to the simple transaction.  I left the figuratively cold interior for the actually cold beer porch (but there was a heater hung inside the brolly, so all was well).



I had my Advent beverage of the day, there, and it was very good albeit overpriced even for this area.

I’m so far behind on these write-ups, I’ll cut this one short.  I think you get the picture, though.






Posted December 26, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs, Running

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