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Ahh, the New Year started as they are wont to do and on New Year’s Day it was rainy and cold outside as we were trying to figure out where all the booze went in the house.  We were able to piece together a pleasant afternoon watching another depressing movie (Dallas Buyers’ Club, which I would recommend), then set about clearing the liquor supplies.

The next morning was gorgeous out and I ate some leftover pizza for breakfast, chased it with a shot of cognac, and headed out for the first run of the year (a day late, but as I said it was a lovely day).  I had a mission on this run beyond the 9 mile minimum planned: to add the first new pub of 2017, the Moon and Sixpence in Hatch End.

There’s nothing really to note of the place (even the Wetherspoons website gives it a standard ‘Moon in the name’ write-up) but there is nothing at all wrong with the joint, either.  In fact, I would imagine the neighbourhood finds this house a blessing since there are no others in the village.  I was especially happy with the Kawasaki Red Ale and the abandoned beer garden on this cool but sunny midday break.

The run? The outward route racked up 4.9 miles and the homeward bound one another 4.7 treated as a training run for an April marathon I’ve signed up for (pace of 7:15/mile out, 7:30 back with ~7 flat for the final, roughly, mile to the house).  Dry clothing and a shot of cognac greeted me at the door.  Happy New Year.





Posted January 2, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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