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I had already planned to run part of the way back home from Southall on the Grand Union Canal path.  But, when the landlord at the Plough tipped me off that the Hambrough Tavern had reopened a few months back, I diverted my route.  The Hambrough is right next to the Canal, anyway, so what better excuse to have!



I mean, what better reason OTHER THAN this video about the place and the night it was burnt to the ground:


The place was dead save for an Indian couple.  Not Indian-Indian, though.  He had a very posh-for-the-neighbourhood English middle class accent and she was most assuredly American but they both shot a mean game of pool.  I got the impression this was some sort of first date or get-to-know-you thingy and while being nosy I decided they were both probably in their mid-to-late 30’s and I tried not to stereotype the situation too much (but, you know, I used to watch Indian aunties all over Decatur and Dekalb County play matchmaker so my prejudices aren’t formed without evidence).  They both seemed lovely people, though, and unusually civilised compared to what I have seen in my recent travels.

He told her he used to come here frequently, so he is probably from the neighbourhood — Southall is heavily Asian, which made the Plough a surprise find.  The bartender told him that the place had been closed a while and just reopened with an Indian menu (which, by the way, was pretty tempting but I didn’t want to weigh myself down with 5 miles to run home).



Three British builders came in — not Indian-British but big white mofos — and the boss man of them ordered up some pints of Cobra then couldn’t unzip the wallet pocket on his trousers.  “Unzip my trousers,” he ordered one of the other blokes.

“Unzip your own trousers, mate.”
“No,” he said giving a graceful little dance move to display his right buttock, “I can’t get my wallet.”

His buddy continued to try for a minute then the bartender came around. “May I?”
He struggled with it for a minute and I started to laugh. The big dude looked over, “this is pretty embarrassing, you know.”
“You need to rub it with a candle, y’know, get some wax on it,” I offered. After a pause, I added, “the zipper, that is.”  They were still at it when I left.






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