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With the day off for some household maintenance that was done by 12:30, I caught the bus to Southall to have a drink at the Red Lion and a run back home.  But, the Red Lion was closed and didn’t appear to be opening soon so I decided to meander back to the house.  Less than a quarter-mile away I found a hidden gem: The Plough.



Deserted at mid-afternoon, I listened to some tennis on the tele in the larger bar next door while nursing my Guinness.  Halfway through, two men and a woman just returning from visiting a friend in hospice and I made room for them at the bar but didn’t interject even when one of them was telling about the admissions people asking their friend if she knew who the PM was (and I had a great story from my initial A&E visit the day of the Massive Car Wreck…read the 15 Jan 2011 update paragraphs for that one).

The talk of hospice care rubbed off on me and the landlord as he told me that there used to be 15 thriving pubs in Southall but now it was down to just 3.  “I noticed the Three Horseshoes was shuttered now.  I went there a little over a year ago and it seemed healthy enough.  What are the two beside you?”

“There’s the Red Lion and the Hambrough Tavern.  The Hambrough did close for a while but recently reopened.”  I told him the Lion looked closed, too, but he said they open later in the afternoon.  That’s good news.  “You’re running home now, then?”

“Yeah.  After, y’know, a stop.”
“Where’s that, then?”


Just before the patient’s friends arrived…great hearth except for that wanker in the mirror.


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