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I don’t often go to the M&S Food stores (or the food sections in their traditional shops) although the ready meals are pretty good and the veg, charcuterie and butchery products are great.  But, in 8 years I have never failed to reach for a well-priced bottle only to find it is actually a more expensive bottle placed behind another — usually out of stock — bottle’s tempting price tag.


After a lecture from a snotty till attendant in the Cambridge central M&S when I complained that the 5 quid plonk I had queued 5 minutes to pay for shouldn’t have rung up at £18, I made it a point to only go there at the busiest times and intentionally bring a misshelved bottle to her register with a shitload of other items I didn’t actually want.  Then, when the bottle, withheld until the other stuff was piled up, showed an exhorbitant price I said that it must be the poorly arranged shelves and excused myself to leisurely scan the stock for the “right” bottle (bringing her queue to a screeching halt).  Unable to find what I really wasn’t looking for, I said that I would just pick something up at Odd Bins around the corner and left her to sort the weird pile of shopping.

I was barred from that store the third time I did this, but it was satisfying while it lasted.




Posted January 14, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Booze

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