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The Metropolitan has been closed for a few months and from the outside I wasn’t really in a hurry to see it up close.  It looks like it would be prefabricated inside and populated by denizens of the adjacent wax museum (which, year on year, inexplicably has queues around the block).

But, the Met is elegant — if cavernous — and except for an American couple that sat next to me it was filled with local folks in for a Friday afterwork bevvy and chin wag.  Very copacetic.




I had a porter that was still resting on the 2nd Burns’ Lunch in Oxford and was duly impressed with quality and price (for a City ‘spoons, the location vig is kept low and the pint is probably as cheap as you’re going to find in the area).  Worthy of a stop if you are nearby (it straddles entrances to Baker Street Station and Marylebone and Euston are short walks).



Map linked here.


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