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There is a class of architecture known as a Thomasson (other examples have cropped up in previous posts, tags for which are here and here). They are obsolete or seemingly pointless items that for one reason or another are still maintained as if they still have — or, in some cases, ever had — a purpose. They are called Thomassons for a fairly arcane reason involving Japanese major league baseball (you can read about the origin of the term elsewhere but it’s a funny story). I spotted this example embedded in the back bar of Ye Olde Swiss Cottage Friday night:





I don’t know if there is a technical term for a structure used for other than its original purpose other than the supremely unsatisfying “adaptive reuse.” Many examples have been reported in this blog including The Owl and The Pussycat (used to be a children’s bookstore) and The Hop & Vine (formerly a café); Wetherspoons does this especially well with The Four Candles, the Metropolitan, and the Montagu Pyke getting mentions in the last week.

The Cottage may not exactly count as one of these since it housed a tavern next to a toll house 185 years ago but used to be the site of a dairy (take this with a Wikipedia sized grain of salt). It served mostly keg beer in recent decades then there was a boom in the popularity of real ale in 2009 (coincidentally the year I moved to England…hmmm…) and it was re-repurposed into a pub that serves more interesting brews.

Map linked here.


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