The Bull, Iver, Buckinghamshire   2 comments


The gruff, aggressive, and very drunk guy at the Bull bar demanded, “why are you taking photos of pubs?”

“Habit, I guess. Ooooo! Theakston’s Best, please!” I had just spotted the £1.75/pint sign on the Theakston tap. I was soaked partly from the sweat but mostly from the torrential downpour on the run from Uxbridge town centre.

“Wuh duh yuh mean, ‘habit?'”
“Been doing this for ages. Almost up to 1800, now.”
“Different strokes for different folks,” he said dismissively. Thinking he had lost interest, I settled into my beer. “Hear!” he spouted, startling me and the massive bartender. “Is that…is that an American accent?”

“Yeah, ‘fraid so. I’d lose it if I could. It’s the only thing American about me, though.”
“But, you’re American.”
“Not according to my passport. It says I’m as British as you.”
After a long pause during which he looked like he was urinating but the chair remained dry he asked, “why did you leave there for here?” in that frustratingly defeatist way Brits ask this.
“I saw it coming.” The owner and the bartender laughed and we started talking about the Trump immigration Executive Orders only to be interrupted again.

“But, why did you leave there?” The bartender stepped in: “Trump, mate. He reckoned he foresaw Trump coming.” Then, they both started to laugh. The owner and I talked about the conversion of the pub from a café (which it was when I ran past a few months ago) back to a pub. Then, she changed back to the Trump ban, again.

“How can he block so many people?”
“Well, it isn’t so many. They are quite specific in who they target.”
“Yes, but it is a nation of immigrants.” I took note of this coming from the south Asian woman. “And, to target a religion. Isn’t there religious freedom there?”

I smiled, ruefully and tried to answer without my reflexive condescension.  “It’s not about religion or terrorism or economics.” I turned and looked the black bartender in the eyes to see that he was listening, then back at her. “It’s this,” I said, pointing back at my face and drawing an air circle around it (sort of the national “note the race” hand gesture in Britain).

“Oh, of course. The racism is much worse there, isn’t it?”
“It’s hard to miss.”


Fantastically friendly bar, even the plastered guy propping it up.  You should go there (they open at 9am).  Here’s the map, if you decide to.


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