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“You’ll do better to stay over here and have another.  You’ve got your picture of the place and they’re rude.  And, it costs more, and … ” I cut off my drinking buddy at the Bull so he could take a breath.

“It’s not the photo that makes it count…it’s the beverage.  I’ve got standards, you know.”  After a two-count, he and I started laughing then the owner and the bartender joined in.  Some places, you get to know everyone easily.

The Swan, however, does not appear to be one of these places.  Although much more densely populated and with steady traffic in and out — all stopping to greet, but not linger with, others drinking in isolated realms of the bar — in silence I watched darts on tele while otherwise enjoying a Rebellion IPA (the price wasn’t bad and the beer was very good).

The guy at the Bull was right, but I think maybe he has been barred from the Swan for being too gregarious.  Or, friendly at all for that matter.  If I didn’t have 7 miles in the rain to run home, I would’ve gone over to tell him so.


The map is at this link.


Posted January 31, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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