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At the Dodo, a scruffy guy that looked for all the world like Owen from the Vicar of Dibley was leaned against the counter with his beer.  I asked the woman at the register, who turned out to be the owner, for a vanilla stout and she cheerfully left me with him.   “Fnfee het lriddy,” he said as he tipped his glass my way.  “Yeah, I think you’re right.  But, this rain is awful, eh?”




He spoke differentially more clearly, this time, and started to describe his bus journey, and how he didn’t know this place was even here, and which bus he was heading to.  I think.  There were numbers that I recognised as local bus routes and between the gurgling noises emanating from somewhere inside the tweed jacket I picked up some rudimentary English.  The narrative was helped along with determined hand gestures that sent skyward strands of tobacco from the ciggy he was rolling.  My beer arrived, and I gestured toward a table where we could sit and headed over there as he headed out for a smoke.



A pair of well-dressed, middle-aged men who I suspected to be on extacy as they happily tried to snog everyone who got within 10 feet of their seats in the front window did so with a trio that arrived and soon sat across from me.  The women got into their own conversations as the fellow — I believe he was Welsh as he stated that he was from Wales at least five times — discussed the 6 Nations rugby tournament (and Wales’ prospects in same) with the owners other half.

Oh, the beer was good, atmosphere Aces.  The only thing I think might be a design flaw is the pathway from the register counter to the beer and wine storage … in a real crowd this is going to be a struggle.


Here’s a link to the map.


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