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Tucked under some railway viaduct arches across from Waterloo Station sits the Hole In The Wall, a fairly functional pub and quite likely Jackie’s local when she switches jobs to the neighbourhood in a couple of months.





We weren’t scouting her drinking venues, though. We were in the city for the taping of The Fake News Show, a one-off panel/comedy/current events programme from Hat Trick Productions, providers of the long running series Have I Got News For You (which I have been trying to get tickets for a taping of since I first saw this episode in 2001 on my interview trip to Amsterdam). I got priority tickets to the evening’s recording due to a cancellation but we lingered at the pub and were next to last in the priority queue for the show that was overbooked by 10 seats. To compensate, they are giving us first priority seating at a recording of HIGNFY, so this actually worked out better for us in the long run.

At the pub, we watched some of England v France in the 6 Nations Rugby tourney while I enjoyed a Pink Floyd themed beer (because when in The Wall, what else would you choose). After our early release from the television studio, we sought food at the nearby Cuban (hour and a half wait for a table) and Mexican (45 minutes) but settled on a very good Italian in view of the giant roundabout hosting the BFI’s Imax.




I understand there is folk music live on Sundays in the pub and Jackie will probably be there weeknights waiting out the commuter rush. Stop and say hi. Here’s a map.



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