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The Old Packhorse is a massive Edwardian/Late-Victorian house with 5 beers on 8 pumps and a Thai restaurant in the back.  I don’t know that I could ask for more.  It DOES seem a bit youth oriented at 5:30 pm, but that’s the neighbourhood for you; I suspect that later in the evening — if it isn’t also hosting a musician — it will be awash in young suburban professionals on the pull so a rush-hour pint might have been the best of all options for walking around and admiring the details.  And, the beer was cheaper than expected and, from the evidence gathered later in the evening, cheaper than elsewhere in the buurt.





The big, ugly glass structure next to the pub (looming behind it in the photo, below) sits on the site of the Chiswick Empire, a nearly 2000 seat theatre that opened a few years after the pub.  I was sitting in some of those very seats when I took the photo of the “Empire Bar;”  on the next wall left and over the doorway to the Lounge Bar there are posters from the 1920s to the 1950s of the Empire’s shows (the last of which was a 7-day sold-out run of Liberace, a scant month before the theatre was demolished).  Must’ve been grand in the day.

Here’s a map.





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