Packhorse & Talbot, Turnham Green, London   Leave a comment


The Packhorse & Talbot is a gleaming, modern atrocity inside.  The music is loud and the most boorish sort of pop — autotuned voices and indistinguishable backing tracks — a perfect reflection of the crowd found inside.

The pub’s website is the best thing about it.  The historical sketch awkwardly describes the initial years of the establishment and introduces would-be assassin of William III, Jonathan Wilde.  It goes on (this is directly cut-&-pasted from the website, mind) “He invented a scheme which allowed him to run one of the most successful gangs of thieves of the era, all the while appearing to be the nation’s leading policeman. The Packhorse & Talbot is conveniently situated for shopping on the Chiswick High Road.”  What does this imply about the various vendors in the area?  Well, £5.50 for a cider is criminal if nothing else.

Note: I am aware of the hypocrisy of me mocking a poorly constructed paragraph.  Here’s a map.



Posted February 26, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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