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The Beaten Docket is deceptively large inside yet, dark as it is, still fairly cozy. The staff all seem to have Northern Irish accents with that hint of chirpy Diddle-Dee-Dee mixed in with the threatening ‘Ere you a Cath or a Prot, me laddy?’ Fortunately, my woefully dreadful American accent pre-empts any invitation to sectarian troubles and I was able to happily take my pint of St David’s to a quiet seat by the windows near enough to eavesdrop on the crew table.





There’s a note on the menu that explains that a Beaten Docket refers to a losing slate of horse race bets and that the pub takes it as its name due to its proximity to the site of the Kingsbury Races. I found this note about the Races buried in British History Online and think it bears quoting in full:

“Kingsbury races, which flourished from 1870 until their suppression in 1878, were held near Bush Farm until 1873 and then on land leased by William Perkins Warner, who was also the proprietor of the Old Welsh Harp. The races, which were held five times a year, attracted ‘thousands of the scum of London‘, were denounced as a carnival of vice, and were said to have caused several families to leave the district.”

“The Scum of London” would also make a good pub name, just not here.






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