Ranelagh, Bounds Green, London   3 comments


I had been out for a run to the Beaten Docket and continued from there northeasterly to Arnos Grove Station but didn’t want to finish the day’s journey with a Harvester (the only pub I could see nearby); so, I jogged on to the Bounds Green Station which I thought I recognised from another running trip ages ago (although that was actually Wood Green). As I thought I remembered it at the time, the area was surrounded by drunks and junkies and I made note of several bars to come back to, someday; now that the day had seemingly come, I couldn’t find any of them [duh]. I wandered down the street and stopped an old gentleman and asked if there was a pub nearby.

“A … pub?” he half asked/half spat with the same tone I would have expected if I had asked for a zoo or a satellite tracking station in the neighbourhood.
“Yes, sir. A drinking establishment,” I translated whilst enhancing the effect with the classic pantomime pint glass hand gesture. He continued to stare at me as if I had two heads, so I twirled my finger in the air and added, “you know, in the area?”

He swung his cane dangerously close to my face as it arced behind him. “The Ranley is just there.” I thanked him more for the story than the directions and headed down the road.



The doors to the Ranelagh had not been open long when I arrived sweaty and disheveled but the house already had a group of new mums (a dozen or more of them with prams in tow) milling about as I pushed forward to the bar.

“Terribly sorry, but I didn’t bring a baby with me. Can I be served without one?” The bartender smiled politely.
“Just this once.”
“I really must start reading the memos.”


It appears to be a foodie pub and almost everyone that came in while I worked my way to the bottom of the dark brown and nutty/chocolatey pint of Musselburgh Broke (I seem to be on a horse racing theme today) ordered lunch. The menu looks really good.

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