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Had a touch of actual (not bottle) flu earlier this week and the fever returned Saturday; since it wasn’t a full-blown relapse, I went for a jog making the loop through Northolt then back to South Ruislip to pick up a bottle of wine for supper.  I’ve passed the Northolt Harvester dozens of times since moving here, but I don’t rush to include purely chain pubs in these pages (note that another Harvester got bypassed last week and the one on the northeast edge of Swindon didn’t get a visit for the first 5 years we lived there).  This isn’t really fair to the ones that do a decent job but, for the most part, what you have here is a Denny’s with a bar.

As is their way, I was greeted by a waitress for seating but waved her off with, “just off to the bar, love.”  She followed me over and pulled my lager and I found a spot at one of the tables grouped in the corner near the bar.  This set up made the bar seem actually pub-like — a feature not lost on the 8 or 9 barflies hanging out in the area.  The wait staff kept coming for orders but there were enough of us there to keep a bartender busy without the diners.

Except for the shit music, it wasn’t half bad.  The manager seemed a bit grabby with the girls but Northolt is already 20 years behind the rest of society before you set your watch back another 20 years by entering a Harvester.

I found, on looking up the business link for this one, that it is technically called the Mandeville Arms (a detail that featured absolutely nowhere that I looked while there).  It’s across from Northolt station if you happen to be in the area (here’s a map).




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