Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon, London   1 comment


When Jackie and I first got together in the mid-80s, I was working at a bar in Buckhead, Atlanta, that was flooded with postmen at about 3 pm everyday.  There would be 20-25 of them at the end of their shifts and they would order up, over the course of an hour, about 50 pitchers of beer, 15 pizzas, and enough hot chicken wings to fill a hot tub.  Great guys, and they tipped well, so weekday afternoons were busy but lucrative.



So, that was the Proustian ‘madeleine moment’ of this pub stop at the Sir John Oldcastle.  There appeared to be an unofficial Communications Workers Union meeting going on at the 10 or 12 tables to the right of the posties in the above photo.  Ahhhh, nostalgia.



I had a mild and wondered what the name of the bar signified.  It was another good find that he was the model for Sir John Falstaff.  Coincidentally, the bar I worked at in Buckhead carried Falstaff beer (bottles, not draught).

I could have lingered, but I had to drop off some stuff at the library.  Here’s a map.


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