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The roads from Ruislip to Watford are more uphill than down and the route I took was longer than I had estimated. This was really fortunate since I limped to a stop in front of the Columbia Press just as the church clock struck 8: it was the first day of BST but they hadn’t yet moved the chimes an hour ahead. I checked my GPS to make sure it was actually 9 then went in and ordered a Pathfinder, a bitter and astringent beer that also re-energised me with each desperate gulp.



There was a guy trying to impress a blond with his wild man credentials (that’s them, nursing some coffee in the booth to the right).  “Yeah, I was, like, totally crazy back in the day.  I’d drink like a whole bottle of vodka in a day!”  Whoa, Cheech, slow down a bit, bruh.  You’re freaking me out with your substance abuse stories!

Here’s a map.



Posted March 28, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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