Bull’s Head, Barnes, London   2 comments


At the Bull’s Head, the woman on crutches beside me sighed loudly, obviously frustrated with the long delay. I understood, having waited more than five minutes for him to pour up the previous customer’s order of a G&T, a beer, and a fizzy water before I could get my beer order in. “They’re very slow,” I agreed adding, “but I think they are going for ‘methodical.'” This seemed to offend the regular at the corner of the bar.

“He’s working alone,” then, looking around for the bartender who was at a table nearby, “and, now he’s having some problem with the card reader.” In the meantime, a couple appeared at the bar who he served before the hobbled woman who then went back to her seat for a rest. “Another of those when you can,” spake the defensive customer waving his glass which the barkeeper immediately took and filled ahead of finishing the interloping couple’s order.



During all this, several other employees wandered behind the bar ignoring the growing crowd. “Shift change,” explained the favoured bar fly.

Here’s a map, or you might follow the route I took to get there (maybe trying another bar, instead…there are plenty).  You should call in your drinks order a day or two ahead, though.



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2 responses to “Bull’s Head, Barnes, London

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