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After the middle-class snobbery of the Dove and the yuppified incompetence of the Bull’s Head, it was nice to find working people populating the Ship. It actually feels like a local and it was the most reasonably priced of the day’s houses, as well.

Perhaps it is far enough away from both Chiswick and Hammersmith that it has escaped pretense but, like all things done well, it is bound to be bought and destroyed rather than leave it to the working class. It’s that kind of callous disregard that energises them (and, I might add, me) to vote: take a Brexit-related opinion poll in here and see what comes up…I’m willing to bet ‘leave’ is a favourite.




But, there’s irony in there, too. I was the only drinker with an English beer in this house owned by the largest British pub company. Everyone else was on Carlsberg, Heineken, and Fosters (and, yes, I know they are brewed here but owned by Orkla in Copenhagen and AB/InBev in Amsterdam). Keep on flying that Union Flag and drinking EU lager.

Held close to the banks of the Thames by the rising tide, I was too close to get a single photo of the pub and the waterway so I stitched a bunch of them together. I got there along the Thames path but there are roads (here’s a map).




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