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Back to the north shore of the Thames, I tried to stick close to the river adjacent to numerous rowing clubs but was driven inland.  Finally, I reached the waters again and threaded a phalanx of entitled mums on the Chiswick embankment (yes, we all know you are exempt from common courtesy now that you’ve ejected that incubus from your snatch but — fear not! — the rest of us will maintain civilisation until they grow large enough to create a blight on society of their own).  The zigging and zagging made me thirsty and I decided to give the Bell & Crown a go (thinking, for just a moment, that a Crown on the maternal obstacles’ mating partners’ Bell Ends wouldn’t have gone amiss).



There were more kids inside, some with well-behaved dogs; but, on the whole, the bar was lovely and not nearly as overpriced as I expected.  The golden ale was dear, mind you, but not as though actually minted.  And, in a favourite (of mine) sort of nod to a real boozer, there was actually a coat hook under the bar…



…and books (which I suspect are entirely decorative).  It’s a busy house but the neighbourhood is highly gentrified so you might get an interesting conversation about your retirement portfolio before sport (except, maybe, polo).


There are several other bars along the Breeder Coast, should you want to try them.  Here’s a map to the Bell & Crown.



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