John the Unicorn, Peckham, London   4 comments


John the Unicorn seems a functional enough bar and the sort of place Time Out might push as a safe haven for the adventurous bar-goer.  On Peckham’s Rye Street, you couldn’t ask for a less congruous setting for this hipster den run by a obligatorily bearded fellow and some thin, waiter-ish and waitress-y staff that seem more suited to a place serving fusion cuisine (you know, like TexMex sushi or Caribbean-Bavarian tapas, but you can’t get a booking for 6 months).   They all seemed very nice, though, and [shudder] eager…yet another thing that just doesn’t fit in with the urban setting in general nor, especially, this one in particular.


The tables all had menus on clipboards that on closer inspection were album covers with the vinyl still inside.  I had the gummy bear themed beer (childish, but When in Rome…) which had a strong grapefruit note that deserved better than this ridiculous marketing tactic.

The interior design is actually very cool and the upstairs area more suited to a bit of dining or quiet chat.  In fact, I like the place…it reminds me of several youngish bars I either worked in or hung out at in mid-80’s Atlanta.  Like this one, those were the thin edge of the wedge that drove prices up and the original residents out (me and Jackie, included) as undesirables and their reliable vehicles moved in.

Here’s a map.


Posted April 9, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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