Jam Circus, Brockley, London   2 comments


Out of breath at the top of the Nunhead Cemetery rise, I let gravity do the work down to Brockley Road and noted the well-kept gardens and litter-free streets. I got the feeling that this neighbourhood was financially better off than the last one and had probably suffered radical gentrification more than a decade ago. The one ray-of-light-and-hope was a gaggle of disheveled ‘street drinkers’ down a side street, but my target — Jam Circus — snuffed out my single candle against the cursed darkness, smothered no less than any of the six (possibly more) babies nursing at various tables around the venue. More like “Mum Circus,” it appears.



Yet, there was a decent bar with a good selection of beverages. Unfortunately, I opted for a Lilley’s Rhubarb cider which was cloyingly sweet (and, not at all a surprise, there).

A lot of effort seems to have gone into imprinting an adolescent personality on this place. There must be a catalogue for hipster bars and cafés since they all tend toward the same things. “I’d like the number 37 package but can I substitute the framed 1926 literary & lifestyle magazines for some Krazy Golf hole markers? Great, we open in 2 days, so rush that right over, please.”

Here’s a map.




Posted April 10, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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