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Mid-afternoon on the Brandon Estate, Lambeth: there are surreptitious meetings in the squares, teenagers riding around on those annoying little bicycles, and everywhere there are nods and greetings as if they all know me.  Indeed, I feel like I know everyone here, but this is hardly the reception Londoners are known for when crossing paths with strangers.  I probably look like someone they know or, at least, like I belong on the Estate.



In the Canterbury, it is much the same.  The bartender is a lovely lass with a voice that you would mistake for Kathy Burke if you closed your eyes (well, I find it melodic and I hope this doesn’t cause offense since the divine Ms. Burke hails from across the river).  Friendly nods — not so friendly as outside, but better than most bars — come from ’round the lounge.  My beer now poured, the fellow on the corner raps the top of the bar twice in rapid succession with the handle of his cane then swirls it in the air over his and his partner’s nearly empty lagers (she’s out front for a fag at the time).

If you look at the upper right corner of the photo, there is a cable junction hanging from the ceiling next to a lighting fixture (just out of shot) that suffered a catastrophic blowout perhaps ten years ago.  I’d guess the house is from the late 60’s or early 70’s and shows a bit of wear from maybe the turn of the century but it suits the place.  I probably wouldn’t have mentioned any of this, though, but that there was one of those real estate shows on the telly in the background with a couple seeking a detached house and a view of the sea on the paltry budget of £550, 000 or, in terms of the day, about 44,000 rounds for the house.

Do go to this one…here’s a map.



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