Old Ale Emporium, Wood Green, London   1 comment


The Harringay Ladder screwed me with the Salisbury’s late opening hours but I had the Old Alehouse in my pocket as a backup and it was a spectacular find.  What I reckoned would be some hipster hell hole like one of the ones on the “J” Run (like John the Unicorn or Jam Circus or the Job Centre), turned out to be a proper local with actual DRINKERS and a good atmosphere and why can’t I find this everywhere? Anyone out there have an answer for that?



I had the Hogshead Bitter and talked an old (which is to say, about my age) woman into a pint of it as well whilst lamenting Guinness in a can with another fellow and all the while trying to keep up with the stuttering bartender’s banter (that’s not a slur: I am a long-term –55 years now — sufferer of the stammers).  And, they were all so cockney you would be forgiven for expecting a Pearly King and a bowl of jellied eels to appear.  Very odd.. and welcome.  Find it at the map linked here.




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