Toll Gate, Wood Green, London   1 comment


Starting the “L for Ladder” run down Turnpike Lane I got distracted, 200 m from the station, by a pub.  Regular readers of the Endless British Pub Crawl may find this lapse in focus uncharacteristic, but I felt compelled to investigate the Toll Gate more closely.



It was a Wetherspoons so the beer selection was plentiful and at a cut-rate price.  The pub appeared to be the hub of this very mixed community with members of a famously tee-total religious option enjoying tea and what appeared to be totally engrossing conversation (and some snacks) near me and a couple of very old and verrrry Irish gents (who helpfully pointed out that the library was just decorative as I thumbed through a 70-year-old tome on the North London suburbs).

It was a brief stop, but I have been to worse ‘Spoons many times before.  The Ladder wasn’t going to climb itself, though, so off I went….


[Here’s the obligatory map link.]



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