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More or less finished with the day’s run, the last pub before the Underground Station was the Finsbury.  They had a decent selection of beer on this visit and an affable staff but, then again, why WOULDN’T they be happy?  The entire back half of the pub is dedicated to the nightly live music and has all the accoutrements of a professional recording studio.  AND…the entire right hand 1/3 of the bar area (as you walk in) is a proper pizza baker’s kitchen.  I am very jealous of this place.



I took my beverage to the front porch to watch the Friday crowds work their ways home (or, wherever).  I don’t know if he was sketching or writing but the flat cap in this photo took as much interest in everyone sitting there as I did in everyone flowing down the pavement.  I decided he must be the Poet-In-Residence:


When I first approached I thought this might be the Ranelagh from a few weeks ago.  It has much the same outward appearance and, for that matter, much the same youthful, professional and middle-class clientele but I get the feeling this one isn’t trying as hard for hipness (it isn’t achieving it any better, either, but it’s all in making it effortless).

Here’s a map.



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