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M is for Mile End, a part of the city I visit too infrequently (most recently on another run that netted me some tasty treats).  I decided to stay mostly south of the tracks, this time, passing a dozen pubs to get to three real corkers: The Lord Tredegar, The Queen’s Head, and The Grapes.



Orienting yourself once out of the Mile End Station is a snap…just look for the Banana Bridge off to your left (or, west toward the City).  It carries the Mile End Park over the busy thoroughfare that you need to cross to follow my map:



Later, the view from the bridge (this one facing east because of the late afternoon sun) further orientates you:



Or you could just use the mural on Aberavon Road across from the station to plan your own journey:



The neighbourhood is surprisingly green.



And, the park is filled with art.  This one near the canal seems to celebrate the suffragettes and an agrarian past (which may or may not include a runaway slave back there):



There are better examples of graffiti than in Shoreditch:



Just after this one, I ran past a young man with Joint, Definitely:



And, just outside the Grapes there is this one by Jane Ackroyd: Herring Gull (1994):



They even converted the pillars of the Stepney Gas tower/storage facility into art with a local history angle:



At the south end of the run, there is a very impressive harbour (the joint smoking kid is off to the left admiring the boats):



I noticed the harbour when I looked up from the mesmerizing mat of algae atop which sat an array of terrestrial detritus:



It’s an ethnically diverse neighbourhood, too, and there didn’t seem to be as much tension about this as I’ve seen elsewhere around London.  In addition to this racial harmony, there seems to be wide tolerance of alternative sexual appetites with “Cruising Ass” signs prominently displayed near the quay:



But the journey home to the Northwest suburbs is long and arduous.  I must return soon.



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