Lord Tredegar, Bow, London   1 comment


The only thing I knew about Tredegar was gleaned from a visit to Wales in September 2012.  This should be to my eternal shame as the Viscount Tredegar of the pub’s name (Lord Evan Frederic Morgan) was one of the most fascinatingly odd characters of the early 20th Century.

The pub, itself, is another quirky marvel and should be on your shortlist for a visit if you are within 5 miles of here.  The music is grand, the clientele (other than yours truly) have that East End cockney attitude that makes it hard to decide if they are ‘made’ criminals or investment bankers (but I repeat myself).  A fellow and the bunch of mates he met up with might easily have been builders or auto mechanics but I have never owned such finely tailored clothing as these gents.  This wasn’t true of everyone but it felt that way.

And, the atmosphere, in general, is very copacetic.  I didn’t want to leave.  I will be back (and better dressed, next time).

Here’s the map.


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