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The run for the day took me to the Thames where I found the Grapes.  A woman at the corner of the bar was hectoring the bartender about not continuing his studies as he tried to focus on either his mop or his internal “Happy Place.”

“You should think about a Masters programme, you should,” then after a long sip on her white wine, “what is it you want to do with your life?” then quickly adding, “I’m not trying to be your mother here.”

He looked up desperately at me and asked for my order which I put in then added whilst pointing at the floor, “I’ll be your mother…you missed a spot.”  It was a dangerous move, exposing my accent, and soon I was being asked about my occupation.


“Scientific <hic> instruments?” my lady barfly intoned.  “Come over here and tell me about that.” That’s how I found myself in the “Last Call” sketch from Saturday Night Live (this one in the photo featuring Larry David’s sleazy character with Sheila Sauvage played as always by Kate McKinnon…give her blond hair and make Larry’s a bit thinner and it would be hard to tell us apart).

The bar wasn’t bad, overall, and as it got busier I was able to slip away from the late night comedy routine and continue my day.  If you fancy a bit of improv, you can find the Grapes here.



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