Shakespeare’s Globe and the Groundling Experience (and onsite pub, The Swan)   1 comment


We went to see Nell Gwynn (written by Jessica Swale) at the Globe on the South Bank this past weekend and I would highly recommend the play (very funny stuff about one of my and Jackie’s favourite historical figures).  Someone else at, I think, the same performance wrote this essay on it which will do it more justice and less damage than I’m likely to.

But, you should go to any play you can at the Globe and do it in the standing room area.  For one thing, admission is just £5.  For another, your sight line is only ever obstructed by the actors — who are often standing right next to you — as opposed to the seated areas where (according to the Globe’s own publicity) some of the scenery will be blocked no matter where you are.


Cool things about the Globe (I’ll probably add to this as time goes on):

They still fly a flag to let the illiterate know there is a performance that day.

It has a special dispensation to allow it a thatched roof inside the City (prohibited ever since the Great Fire).

[…add more here as it comes to me…]



In the groundlings area, you are also exposed to the elements but the weather was kind on our outing.  The drinks are at ‘captive audience’ prices but not too high, considering (the onsite pub is The Swan, but we only got the drinks and headed in for the show).  And, you feel like you are part of the action down there.

Photography is strictly forbidden in the theatre but not enforced outside of the performance times.  I can’t wait to go back.

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