Grims Dyke Hotel, Harrow & Wealdstone, Middlesex   2 comments


Drenched from the rain and steaming with sweat from the uphill jog, I entered the too-nice-for-the-likes-of-me confines of the Grims Dyke Hotel and, yet, no one tried to stop me.

In fact, the bartender was incredibly friendly, insisting that my shabby state was not a problem to me staying inside and continuing our chat about the other pubs in the area, the spectacular beauty of this pile and its surroundings, or, as I had started in on it, the tragic-ironic death* of the original owner (WS Gilbert, of tragic-comic operetta fame).

I finished up in the garden, listening to bird song and almost overwhelmed with the perfumery of the flowers.

*He had often intoned that he would like to die in summertime by this lake.  Check and check.



Posted May 13, 2017 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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2 responses to “Grims Dyke Hotel, Harrow & Wealdstone, Middlesex

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