Wheatsheaf, Ewell, Surrey   1 comment


The bartender at the Wheatsheaf assessed my state quickly. “Good lord. Have you been running?”
“Yes, sir. And, I’m quite thirsty. Pint of this one,” I pointed to a tap.
He started to pour. “And, how far have you come, then?”
“Hatton Cross.”
“Fair game to you, sir,” he said with arched brows. The group discussing the General Election started eavesdropping.




“Oh, it hasn’t been straight through.” I gestured at him then the bar with my glass. “This is my 5th pub of the day.
FAIR fair game to you.” He seemed genuinely impressed, but I still think it was just hospitality. I left for the garden.




You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day and, though Ewell seems spoilt for choice with pubs, I don’t think I could have dragged myself into a nicer one this afternoon. I lingered over the beer and my map for half an hour then returned my glass to bid farewell.

“Where you off to, now? Another pub?”
“Yes, in fact. The Jack and Jill.”
With a furrowed brow, he asked where that is.
“About 6 miles from here, just as you get into Coulsdon.”
“Good lord, you must be mad.”
He may be right.


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